Real Estate/Architecture Photo Course | Sydney

Sydney   |   2 Days  |   Special Interest
  • Fast track into the lucrative world of shooting real estate for fun or profit
  • What gear, lenses, best techniques
  • Interiors & exteriors, HDR & bracketing
  • Use of Speedlite flashes & off camera lighting
  • White balance, picture style, RAW, ISO
  • Lightroom 6 workflow and output
  • Corporate portrait & general marketing tips

Cost: $790 | 8, 9 May


Our comprehensive 2 day Real Estate and Architectural photography course provides a clear path for the entry-level to advanced, allowing you to gain the specialist skills in order to become a capable, even expert, real estate and architectural photographer. Start a small or freelance photography business, work part time or turn your hobby and passion into a professional craft. How to photograph architectural exteriors and interiors. Shooting in different locations, camera and lenses advice, flash gun techniques and shooting under a wide range of difficult lighting conditions. Composition tips, lighting techniques. The perfect photography course for time pressed real estate agents, architects, interior designers and travellers who love photographing real estate architecture. Our two full days program includes residential housing and CBD commercial & architectural properties.

Why this course

The digital DLSR and mirror-less camera with a wide angle zoom lens and at least one Speedlite flash is now considered an essential tool for taking interior and exterior photos of buildings. This course will steer you through the camera gear, lenses and accessories needed and the technique required to shoot quality, dynamic, creative and emotive shots which portrays a structure or property in the best possible light. Great photographs of real estate and the ability to turn a drab, unappealing property into something attractive for prospective buyers adds value to the property and enhances your business professionalism. For travellers and lovers of fine architecture, you gain the skills to bring back evocative, memorable images of places you have stayed or visited.

Learn about...

A series of workshops will cover prepping the property, props, the best cameras and lenses, settings such as aperture priority, shooting RAW, low ISO settings, bracketing, exposure compensation, balancing interior and exterior light, white balance, colour profiling, tripods, reflectors, flashes, colour cast, lighting corners, wireless, HDR, filters, corporate portraiture, workflow, costings, output for screen or print.

■ 1st day / shooting a Victorian Terrace then residential display homes
■ 2nd day / commercial, architectural, historic then post production techniques
■ Gift voucher valued at $100 to be used towards another photography workshop of choice

course dates & course bookings

Alternatively, you can also download the course booking form and send it to us:

Course/Workshop Enrolment form

learn about

  • Learn how to use every feature on your DLSR camera to the full

  • ISO. RAW, aperture priority & manual, white balance, bracketing, HDR

  • Balancing exterior and interior light, Speedlite flash & wireless

  • Pro tips such as reflections, filters, lightstreams, starbursts

  • Viewpoints & tilting, lens and linear perspective

  • Portfolio building with iconic Sydney architecture

  • Workflow & output for screen and print usage

  • Corporate portraits & marketing tips

course requirements

  • A DLSR, mirror-less or quality compact with manual functionality

  • A sound grasp of photography basics (we have a test if you are unsure)

  • At least one quality wide angle lens for full frame or cropped sensor

  • Tripod, fully charged battery, min. 4GB memory card

  • Optional : polarising filter, external flash unit & portable light sources

time & location

10am to 6pm

2a Heeley Street, Paddington

Meeting Point:
(Gusto's Cafe)


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