Cinque Terre photography tour

7 days  |  Photographing timeless landscapes, fishing villages, the locals, wine and food with easy walking along the coastal footpath of the Cinque Terre in Northern Italy
    Our 3 day walking tour is a brilliant way to photograph a timeless landscape learning pro techniques on composition, lighting, landscapes, shooting the locals, wine and food photography.

tour dates:   16 October 2020

Our 3 day program includes the following:
■ Exporing Corniglia and walk along the panoramic Azurro Trail which takes you to two of the five colourful villages that make up the Cinque Terre, among which Vernazza is the most stunning. Traverse between scrublands, farmyards, gardens, vineyards and orchards and along alleys leading to interesting sites such as the beautiful Santa Margherita di Antiocha Church of Ligurian gothic style. Return to Corniglia by train.

■ Crossing the Punta Mesco
Rich from its religious past, the northern part of the Cinque Terre holds many remarkable buildings. The facades of the churches of San Giovanni Battista in Monterosso and Sant’Andrea in Levanto are decorated with Carrarra marble and serpentine in a purely Genoese gothic style. Beautiful trails along the ridge among conifers and deciduous trees lead to Punta Mesco, the Cinque Terre’s ultimate bastion. This abrupt cape made up of red rock watches over the whales, which swim in from the open sea to this preserved and tranquil area each year to give birth. On arrival in Levanto there are many relics from the Middle Ages which can be found in the middle of the small town: the castle, ramparts, the clock tower, to name a few.

■ At the heart of the Cinque Terre, the Volastra domain is home to the most prestigious viticultural lands due to their aesthetic qualities and the high quality of their products. Overlooking the coast and the green open spaces and terraces, the trail snakes between dry stone walls. The plunging views of small villages clinging to mountain spurs are a photographer’s dream. The highlights of the walk continue with the discovery of Manarola and its animated, multicoloured alleys.

■ The Tramonti coast, the steepest and most cultivated section of the Cinque Terre, is only visited by a small number of hikers. This is where you will find the small towns of Schiara, Monesteroli, Fossola and Campi, all of which were built around vine cultivation and vinification. Today, the area still produces wine, with people from La Spezia, Campiglia and Biassa maintaining the tradition in their spare time.

■ Marola opens up to beautiful views to the city of La Spezia, also called the Gulf of Poets. When visibility is good, it is possible to see the Apennine Mountain Range as well as the Apuane Alps and their white marble quarries. The hike climbs up through gardens before going through the Castellana marble quarries where, even today, a rare black marble called Portoro is mined. Once a Roman port, Portovenere became a part of the republic of Genoa in the middle ages. We revel in its ancient architecture: houses on cliffs, castle and ramparts towards the hills, meandering alleys and the Genoese gothic churches of San Lorenzo and San Pietro.


Trip Highlights

■ One-on-one photographic tutorials by Andrew Thomasson
■ Experience the breathtaking coastal scenery
■ Explore the fascinating towns of Corniglia and Vernazza
■ Walk along 15th century footpaths to discover small beaches, high cliffs and incredible views
■ Enjoy delicious culinary specialties of the region
■ Stay in the heart of Cinque Terre in your own apartment
■ Particular photographic disciplines covered
■ Your DLSR digital camera functions: memory, file sizes, formats, storage, composition, light, viewpoint, angles, lens perspective; aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO setting, white balance, exposure compensation; portraiture, landscapes, macro, reportage, still life, action, motion, cityscapes, architecture, nature, flowers; use of your flash & shooting techniques in low-light conditions

Photographic help and inspiration will be provided daily in the form of creative indoor sessions and in-the-field reminders. Several image review sessions will be available for those photographers bringing laptops, editing software and knowledge of the digital workflow. With that said, photographers of all levels, using film or digital cameras, are welcome. Andrew shares his insights and experiences regarding career development, portfolios and photographing for stock, editorial and commercial clients.

Photographic outcomes:
■ Complete understanding of your DLSR, compact or film camera functions
■ Composition, light, viewpoint, angles, lens perspective. Shots of locals sitting in Campi Piazza
■ Aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO setting, white balance, exposure compensation
■ Portraiture, landscapes, macro, reportage, still life, action, motion, architecture, nature, flowers
■ Producing a late afternoon, low light shot of the Roman port of Portovenere
■ Cameo macro shots of a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino, prosciutto and olives
■ The facades of the churches of San Giovanni Battista demonstrating perspective control
■ Use of your flash & shooting techniques in Vernazza over an espresso - image review sessions from our laptop
■ Editing software and knowledge of the digital workflow
■ Creation of a pdf coffee table book of Cinque Terre
■ An insight into photographing for personal, stock, editorial and commercial use


■ Day 1
The Azurro Trail :: Duration: 3h 30 min :: Ascent: 410m :: Descent: 500m :: Walking distance: 7km

■ Day 2
Crossing the Punta Mesco :: Duration: 4h 30min :: Ascent: 650m :: Descent: 650m :: Walking distance: 11km

■ Day 3
Corniglia, Volastra, Manarola: a sea of vines :: Duration: 3 hours :: Ascent: 430m :: Descent: 430m :: Walking distance: 8km

■ Trip concludes


■ Route directions and maps
■ One-on-one time and photographic tutorials by Andrew Thomasson throughout the trip
■ Complimentary focus 10 photography course gift voucher ($290 value)

Not Included:
■ Travel to Vernazza (its approx 20 Euros from Pisa taking 2.5 hours)
■ Meals
■ Entrance fees for sites and into the National Park
■ Additional train journeys and bus trips not included in the access card. Allow around eur15 per person (more if you take an excursion to Pisa)
■ Travel insurance

Accomodation (there is a full range of local accomodation in either Vernazza or one of the other 4 towns)

dates & prices

Tour Dates: 16 October 2020

Tour Cost: $995 (ex. Vernazza)

Tour Style: All Focus 10 tours take you on a personal journey of discovery captured through the lens - where life and the traditional cultures remain relatively unspoilt, where the wildlife viewing is spectacular, where the scenery is breathtaking. These special tours reflect our fascination and love for interesting cultures and the natural world which we capture through inspirational, evocative photography. Often we partner with travel tour operator experts sharing our same philosophy of small groups, exploring off the beaten track locations and self discovery. Above all, our tours focus on practical 'hands on' shooting with a strong emphasis on camera handling.

There's intuitive instruction on lighting and composition along with everything from exposure control to white balance, from ISO settings to focus options. This is about practical demonstrations to train your eye to paint light onto a subject, how to select the right lens and the use of aperture and shutter speed to control the creative process.

The Cinque Terre tour is not just for expert photographers. In fact, we attract an eclectic mix of people who blend other interests with photography - the lover of wildflowers, the birder, the naturalist, the antiquities buff, the painter, the wine and food lover - the normal traveller looking to expand their horizons. From CEO's, singles, parents, students, travellers, journalists, doctors, paramedics, to civil servants, teachers, graphic designers and retirees.

Tour Host: Andrew Thomasson in an experienced and personable freelance photography tour leader having led many tours throughout the world for Focus 10 and World Expeditions over 25 years. Holding a BSc in Earth Science (University of Toronto), Andrew founded his own company Focus 10 in 1991 whose speciality lies in running photography courses and workshops. Andrew’s pictures have been published in many worldwide publications and he has won numerous awards for his sheer depth and breadth of photographic talent.
Andrew has a passion for Italy regularly visiting the country. You are ensured of a fabulous photographic adventure learning everything from camera handling, landscapes, still life, portraiture and much more in one of the most photogenic corners of Italy.

Operator: Focus 10 Pty Ltd


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