Smartphone Photography Workshop - Sydney

Sydney   |  3 hours   |  Suits all levels
  • A punchy, Smartphone Photography Workshop to suit all levels
  • Become a better photographer, for personal or business - every day!
  • Best smart phone cameras, Apps, accessories & sharing platforms
  • Shooting food, buildings, nature, abstract, street life... the lot
  • Small groups (8 max) taught by a pro photographer plus notes

Cost: $125 | 6 May

Why a Focus 10 Smartphone photography course? Because it makes you a much better photographer! Every day. At zero cost except your time and creative input. Do not let great photographic opportunities ever pass you by again. Right in your pocket you now possess an amazing photography taking device we could only dream of a few years ago. One of the big draws of smartphone photography is that it allows you to create and share your work.. instantly.. Learn about technique, lighting, creativity, the best Apps and accessories, social networking sites.. be inspired, maker new friends from all walks of life.... learn how to take much better images for personal and / or business purposes

Todays Smartphones with rapid advancements in technology are set to equal the image quality of most cropped sensor DLSR, compact & mirrorless cameras.
At your peril do you ignore the amazing versality, conveniwnce and capabilities of your smart phone camera and this short 3 hour workshop / course is a compelling reason to learn how to take amazing images.

Smartphone photography forces you to become a much better photographer. Full stop. We do not discuss technical jargon like f -stops. No more brain drain on photography terms like aperture. Its back to the basics: Composition and light . You need to think more about the light, the colors, the lines, the placement of your subject. Being forced to focus on those fundamentals will do amazing things for your photography. You become a thinking photographer. Thinking about the cleanest backdrop, how to take a great selfie, how to simplify the images into a stong, compelling message. To connect, to create or email these images to friends, family and for business applications. To never lose a priceless image of the kids with grandma as its backed up to the Cloud. To create timeless powerful photographs for your Facebook or Instagram account. We teach you how to use your smart phone to its full capacity, the best accessories and apps and how to share your images through social media and other chanels

We are experts in Smart phone photography. Itsthe accululated experience and expertise running photography courses and workshops arolund Australia for 26 years…... beginners, advanced, travel, action, wedding, portrait, wildlife, glamour, real estate and architecture and many sprecialty courses
We know the very best photographic locations for fun, dynamic, punchy, creative, innovative images. We have the latest Smartphones, know the latest Apps and the best accessories and run corporate and private training sessions for many corporations, businesses and groups around the world.


what to expect

■ Established experts running this 'smart phone' photography workshop
■ Gain first-hand experience with the popular smart phone cameras
■ Covering the basics such as lens perspective, viewpoint & the fundamentals of lighting & composition
■ Inspiration. Shooting daily life, people, pets, art, architecture, food & drinks, selfies, events, festivals, for commerce..
■ Editing your photos: saturation, crop, light, B & W, levelling, white balance, brightness, contrast and a lot more
■ Looking at and comparing features such as reliabilty, video quality, image stabilization, screen, megapixels
■ The most popular Apps for photographers such as Camera +
■ The best essential accessories and complimentary use of them in the 'goodies' case
■ How to instantly upload your newly created masterpieces for Instagram and for Facebook ( & other sharing platforms)
■ How to communicate and to tell a story. How to get creative, to be inspired!
■ The smart phone photography workshops are mainly run in the vibrant Rocks area with lots of variety and we also selectively mix up locations going the 'the Grounds' in Waterloo, Cockatoo Island, Woolloomooloo and Darling Harbour
■ Meet interesting, like minded persons who love their smart phones and photography without the technical jargon
■ No more than 8 persons per group for more individual attention
■ Expert tuition from professional photographer Andrew Thomasson
■ Detailed notes and follow up advisory service
■ We aim to deliver value for money & 100% customer satisfaction
■ Our 'repeat for free guarantee.......repeat the course for free for whatever reason such as rain or an 'off colour' day

workshop requirements

■ No previous photography experience is required
■ You should be able to walk around 4-5km+
■ A smartphone camera with camera functions( Andriod or iphone)
■ A fully charged Smartphone & battery pack (if your smart phone's life is short)
■ Wear suitable clothing and comfortable shoes ( we walk around 4-5km)
+ we also cater for those who cannot walk this distance by offering custom workshops

course dates & course bookings

Alternatively, you can also download the course booking form and send it to us:

Course/Workshop Enrolment form

Alternatively, you can also download the course booking form and send it to us:

Course/Workshop Enrolment form

time & location

varies (see calendar) to varies (see calendar)

18 Argyle Street, Sydney

Meeting Point:
(Front of Munich Brauhaus Restaurant)


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